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In The Rural Parish of Methwold, Thetford, Norfolk

St. George’s Hall Venue Complex


The Building

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The 21 Room  Function Room (A Fabulous Space)

Council Clerk – Rachel Buckle


Tel: 07340 162732

Postal Address:

Methwold Parish Council

C/o “The Parish Office”,

St. George’s Hall Complex

16 High Street, Methwold, Thetford,

Norfolk. IP26 4NT

The 21 Room

The 21 Room was built back in the 1980’s as part of the Methwold Social Club but became part of the St. George’s Hall Complex when gifted to the Parish Council in 2016. It is perfect for so many varied uses. Gifted to the Parish it still serves the local community in the way it was originally intended.

Be it a Adult Party, Small Wedding Reception, Concert, Craft Fair, Public or Business Meeting, this space can work in so many ways for anyone looking to hire it. Equipped with its own stage, dressing room and built in bar facility it truly is a function room.

The adjacent kitchen is well equipped with Cooker, Microwave, Larder Fridge, Dishwasher & Hot Cupboard.