MPC Planning Committee

Meets As & When Required

This Committee Deals with: Recommendations on Planning applications appertaining to Methwold Parish. These are passed on to KL Borough or Norfolk County Councils for their final decision. As a Committee it can act alone in making recommendations, report back to the Full PC or pass them straight to the Borough or County.

Members: Denise Charlesworth-Smith, Robin Hood, Sharon Burbridge,

Suzanne Stones, Jim Marriage & David Thomas

Chairperson: Sharon Burbridge

Meets: As and when required between Full PC meetings.

Council Clerk – Rachel Buckle


Tel: 01366 728 513

Postal Address:

Methwold Parish Council

C/o “The Parish Office”,

St. George’s Hall Complex

16 High Street, Methwold, Thetford,

Norfolk. IP26 4NT