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As designated by the Borough Council Methwold Parish Council has 13 seats which is based on the size of the Parish, its population and the Precept. All members are non paid volunteers and normally serve for a 4 year term. A councillor can be elected or co-opted through a given procedure should a vacancy arise. (For more info see The Role of a Councillor) A meeting where all members are summoned to attend by The Clerk is known as a Full Parish Council meeting. (For more info see Council Structure)

MPC Councillors

Sharon Burbridge

Chair of Planning Committee



Chris West

SAMS Sign Controller

Kate Plumridge

Mini Methwold Team Leader

Peter Crawley

Rosemary Gibson

Suzanne Stones


Robin Hood

Cemetery Superintendent

Beryl Horton

David Thomas

Chairman & Hall Working Group Coordinator

Teresa Thomas

Jim Marriage

Vice Chairman & Open Spaces Working Group Coordinator

Rachel Buckle

PC Clerk

Non Elected - Employee

Brian Nixon

Handyman - Employee

The Role of:

The Clerk

The Role of:

The Chairman/Vice Chairman

The Role of:

A Parish Councillor

Awaiting Photo UpdatePHOTO WITHELDVACANCYAwaiting Photo Update

Wayne Smith

Hall KeyHolder - Employee

Council Clerk – Rachel Buckle


Tel: 01366 728 513

Postal Address:

Methwold Parish Council

C/o “The Parish Office”,

St. George’s Hall Complex

16 High Street, Methwold, Thetford,

Norfolk. IP26 4NT